What the under-reporting of Severe Adverses Events by injection against COVID-19 in Canada?

15.11.21 08:21 PM Comment(s) By Fabien Beaudet

I begin with this presentation on Canadian pharmacovigilance, a series of reflections and analyses on the worrying period we are currently living in the West.

No one can claim to be immune to the impacts of government strategies to deal with the SARSCOV-2 that caused COVID19. The strategies have more negative impacts on the populations than the virus itself and not only in terms of public health. These strategies, which aim to protect citizens, test our trust in democratic institutions. More than ever it seems essential to me to question, to measure and to take nothing for granted. And this is all the more important as all our relatives are suffering the backlash of the imposition of a new world that is being imposed on us without words. It is at the very least, worrying.

This analysis does not pretend to expose with precision the underreporting factor in Canada. However, it does show that there is an underreporting factor and that it is much higher than underreporting factor observed in other Western countries. Version française ici.

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